Ministry of Interior launches third traffic awareness campaign, ‘Summer Without Accidents’

ABU DHABI — The Ministry of Interior has launched its third traffic awareness campaign in 2017, under the slogan, ‘Summer Without Accidents’, as part of its traffic sector initiatives to enhance road safety, promote community coherence and reduce traffic accidents.

The campaign, which will run until 1st September, reflects the strategy of the ministry to improve road safety. It also represents the vision to achieve the highest levels of traffic safety for all road users, under the framework of police traffic sector initiatives, by raising the awareness of various segments of the community on the dangers of traffic accidents and the resulting deaths, injuries and damages.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, Director-General of the General Directorate of Traffic Coordination at the ministry, said that traffic accidents constitute a major reason for concern, due to the resulting havoc that leads to deaths, injuries and other social repercussions, as well as considerable financial damage incurred.

He highlighted that the general directorate’s statistics show that 961 accidents have led to the deaths of 170 people and injury to 1,213 people, during last summer.

He added that the campaign is being implemented in cooperation and coordination with the country’s traffic and patrol departments and over 20 traffic safety authorities from the public and private sectors, supporting efforts to take the necessary precautions by promoting vehicle and tyre safety, and performing regular vehicle maintenance.

The campaign aims to target a large segment of society through various media outlets, the internet and advertising billboards, as well as organise discussion sessions via radio stations that will host specialists and officials from various traffic departments, in order to respond to the public’s inquiries about the campaign, Al Zaabi concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency