Ministry of Health and Prevention hosts GCC Central Registration Committee of Medical Devices

DUBAI — The Central Registration Committee of Medical Devices and production companies from member countries in the Gulf Health Council of the GCC member states, have discussed, during the second meeting hosted by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in Dubai, the Council’s recommendations on a proposed registration list, an evidence list for committee action, registration fees and the current classification of medical devices in each country.

During the meeting, chaired by Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health Policies and Permits, and attended by Dr. Hajid bin Mohammed, Deputy Director-General of the Gulf Health Council, and other representatives of member countries, the Committee discussed the recommendations of the Executive Authority, including the committee’s mission to register medical devices, all medical items and production companies, as well as to draft GCC-wide regulations for the registration of medical devices and a special evidence list of the committee, and set registration fees.

The agenda of the meeting included reviewing correspondence with companies related to their requests for adding items on the accredited products list of the Health Council, revising documents provided by companies to implement the recommendations of the committee, reviewing the remarks of inspection visits to company factories, studying documents on new registration and re-registration requests from companies, as well as their correspondence after inspection visits.

Dr. Al Amiri stated that GCC countries had decided to establish this joint committee after the resounding success of the Gulf Committee for Registration and Pharmaceutical Pricing, which is responsible for the overall registration of medical devices and production companies, with the aim of organising the process of purchasing medical devices and unifying specifications, to comply with international standards and improve the range of available medical devices and equipment used in GCC countries.

Source: Emirates News Agency