Ministry of Energy reviews UAE final draft of water security strategy

DUBAI–The Ministry of Energy has announced that it is reviewing the final draft of the water security strategy in the country, in co-operation with the federal and local authorities concerned with water affairs.

In a statement issued on Monday, the ministry called on the public and social media users to shun rumours and ensure that the news or information is accurate before they circulate or publish it.

The ministry refuted reports that “an iceberg or water being imported through a pipeline from another State is underway.”

It has recently followed the reports on bringing an iceberg or importing water through a pipeline from another country. “But as the authority in charge of water affairs, it would like to confirm that such news is just a rumour,” the ministry said, calling on the public to communicate in case of any queries through the official channels: or check the ministry’s social media account: @MOENRUAE.

Source: Emirates News Agency