Ministry of Economy, local tourism departments discuss sustainability of national tourism sector

DUBAI, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, has met to discuss methods of promoting cooperation and developing the national tourism sector with the heads and directors-general of local tourism authorities and departments of the country’s emirates.

Al Mansouri stated that the wise leadership has prioritised the tourism sector to promote sustainable development, due to its vital role in increasing revenues and achieving the diversification, sustainability and competitiveness of the national economy, while reflects the importance of joint action to achieving the country’s objectives.

He also explained the importance of effective communication in improving the performance of the tourism sector, overcoming its challenges and achieving its objectives, as well as the cooperation between relevant federal authorities, represented by the “National Tourism Programme” of the Ministry of Economy and local authorities responsible for developing the sector and drafting a joint vision and unified national strategy, to achieve the goals of every emirate and raise the country’s regional and international stature.

The meeting’s participants stressed the importance of revising tourism-related legislation, policies, regulations and procedures, as well as conducting a detailed joint study to research their impact on the sector’s competitiveness.

They also discussed the cooperation between tourism authorities and national aviation and air transport companies. Al Mansouri praised the ongoing efforts of both sides to hold tourism events and exhibitions outside the country, as well as to promote the UAE as a tourism destination and increase the number of tourists.

Those at the meeting then discussed the Emiratisation of the UAE’s tourism sector, and Al Mansouri praised the initiatives of local tourism authorities. Its participants agreed on the importance of training human resources to work in the tourism sector, led by qualified UAE nationals, as well as motivating the youth to work in tourism and achieve leadership and excellence, while coordinating with academic institutions to provide tourism training programmes.

The participants also discussed the country’s unified tourism identity and presented the programme’s achievements, while stressing the importance of advancing their cooperation.

Source: Emirates News Agency