MBF Group signs strategic partnership agreement with American Aerospace Inc

SHARJAH, MBF Group has announced that it is dedicating sizeable resources and investment to enter the aerospace sector, specifically in the training and maintenance divisions. This marks the fifth sector for the Group following construction, education, healthcare and retail.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qasimi, Founder and Chairman of MBF Group, signed a strategic partnership agreement with James Hansen, Chairman at American Aerospace Inc., during the Dubai Airshow at the headquarters of the MBF Group in Dubai.

The purpose of this strategic partnership is to cover the defence aerospace business and includes maintenance and training in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other jurisdictions in the MENASA region.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal said, “The partnership will conduct its business activities directly or through subsidiaries, affiliates or subcontracts with other parties under contracts with various governments, government.”

He added that MBF believes this partnership will enhance the aerospace arena in addition to the great contribution the Dubai Airshow brings overall to the UAE specifically and the region as a whole.

Al Qasimi also mentioned that this strategic partnership signed with American Aerospace Inc brings both the entities capabilities and provides a unique skill set, expertise and tenor in the aerospace industry.

He also spoke about the greater role that the Dubai Airshow has done globally as one of the largest airshows in the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency