Maraya Art Centre presents ‘Between the Visible and Invisible’ exhibition

SHARJAH, Maraya Art Centre announced its upcoming exhibition, ‘Between the Visible and the Invisible’. Curated by Dr. Azadeh Fatehrad, featuring the works of a group of seven international artists that include Pia Sandstrom (Stockholm), Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (London), Chooc Ly Tan (Paris), Nikolaus Gansterer (Vienna), Leah Fusco (London), Vladimir Nikolic (Belgrade) and Oliver Ressler (Vienna).

The exhibition’s opening will be held on Saturday 15th September and will host a live performance by Chooc Ly Tan. The show will run until Saturday 24th November.

The exhibition ‘Between the Visible and Invisible’ refers to innovative forms of artistic practice in relation to memory, time and space � a moment when nothing is certain, concrete or stable; and how artistic practice could capture this sense of being ‘in-between’.

The exhibition will take the visitor through a journey of individual memories which may refer to private encounters but collectively addresses a form of change and transformation. It does this through the use of ephemeral mediums (sound and video), and, in the case of still images, through the methodologies that have been used to create them. All the artwork included refers to temporality, to something that is about to happen which is not present or visible yet, to a potential to become something else.

The show stages a constellation of some of the most thought-provoking contemporary works developed through artistic research, inquiring into collective notions of memory, time and space. It is organised around three thematics: Disappearance, Suspension and Becoming.

‘Disappearance’ focuses on the ephemerality of recorded memory via sound or image; ‘Suspension’ expresses a presence that is invisible yet substantive, thinkable through feelings, and ‘Becoming’ concerns the mediation between bodily drawings and the cohabitation in holding a certain space through limited time. In sum, viewers are able to experience a unique reality which is not graspable otherwise, inviting them to journey through the unknown land of ‘in-betweenness’.

‘Between the Visible and Invisible’ will present multidisciplinary artworks, among them, the selection includes ‘Psychoreographies – a performative inquiry for inner and outer spaces’ (Nikolaus Gansterer), ‘People in Trouble’ (Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin), ‘Disobey to the Dance of Time’ and ‘Not Such a Hasty Hush Boom’ (Chooc Ly Tan), ‘Anubumin’ and ‘The Visible and the Invisible’ (Oliver Ressler), ‘Northeye’ (Leah Fusco), ‘He happened not to be there’ (Pia Sandstrom), and ‘Train passing’ (Valdimir Nikolic).

Source: Emirates News Agency