Madhya Pradesh, India’s soaring golden territory, to participate at Annual Investment Meeting 2017

DUBAI, — The state of Madhya Pradesh, often called the heart of India, is participating in the Annual Investment Meeting, AIM, which will be held in Dubai from 2nd to 4th April at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Madhya Pradesh’s economy is primarily driven by its large natural base. Some of the key industrial sectors in the Indian state, which have both competitive strength and the potential to attract new foreign investments, are food processing and cement industries. There is also great scope for investment in the mining sector and textile industry.

Held under the theme, “International Investment, Path to Competitiveness and Development,” this year’s edition of AIM will discuss economic development opportunities and counter challenges. The international forum will host 140 countries as well as 100 high-level officials, 500 exhibitors and more than 100 media partners.

In a report shared on Indiatimes, it was noted that in 10 years up to FY16, India received $270 billion in equity foreign direct investments, FDI. A quarter of this, or $71 billion, was raised over the last two fiscal years. In addition, in 2016 there were at least 15 Indian states that had been successful in grabbing the “leader” tag, as opposed to none a year ago. The tag is assigned to a state which succeeds in implementing 75 percent of the reforms action plan outlined by the central government. The leader states in 2016 constituted nearly 75 percent of India’s GDP, including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

“The state of Madhya Pradesh commands a pivotal position in the country. Its abundant supply of trained manpower with good qualifications, conducive business environment and ample power supply are some of the many reasons that make the state an ideal destination for business investment, encouraging foreign direct investments, FDI.

It is an honour to have the golden territory of India participate at the Annual Investment Meeting, AIM, 2017,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO of AIM’s Organising Committee.

At AIM, Mohammed Suleman, Principal Secretary of Commerce, Industry and Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh, will present key insights on lucrative investment opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. In addition, Rajendra Shukla, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh, will share thoughts about what makes the state a preferred destination for foreign direct investments.

Source: Emirates News Agency