Luxury Attitude Launches First Performance Booster Programme for Certified Excellence in Luxury Customer Service

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  • Luxury Attitude Academy New eLearning Programme Offers Innovation in the Form of eLearning for both Service Professionals and Potential New Employees
  • You Make Luxury Come True is a business accelerator programme enhancing the practical and empathy skills of Luxury Industry employees

The luxury industry employs nearly 6 million people worldwide. Projecting a yearly 5% growth rate, it is a developing sector that opens every day to a wider clientele and expands rapidly to new territories.

Innovative program to play a leading role with a luxury clientele

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Continuing its longstanding commitment to employers in the luxury industry, Luxury Attitude Academy announced today the launch of “You Make Luxury Come True”, its new eMovie Learning Platform. An innovative and unique online training programme, it addresses both private individuals interested in accelerating their careers and employers looking to train staff to embody the brand values in order to boost their performance.

Over the years, Luxury Attitude has worked with various luxury brands from The Plaza Athénée or Louis Vuitton to The Métropole Monte-Carlo or Breitling and has trained more than 70,000 luxury professionals, gaining first-hand insights into the struggles of employers in this sector. Designed to enhance the soft skills and customer-centric behaviour that are key for business success in this industry, “You Make Luxury Come True” is an innovative eLearning platform created by co-founders Erik Peyer and Lionel Meyer, worldwide recognized experts on customer experience, based on their more than 20-years long industry experience with major luxury brands.

Luxury Attitude co-founder, Lionel Meyer said: The luxury industry is constantly seeking qualified personnel in a global environment due to the sectors rapid expansion and the emergence of the middle and upper classes in highly developed countries. Luxury brands all agree that exercising a profession in contact with Luxury customers requires specific skills, yet no reference label exists in this field. And that wherever they are, Clients must receive exceptional service. In turn, the Employees must be able to evolve thoroughly and professionally in a highly emotional universe. Our new eLearning Programme provides consistency across a global environment and a universal standard in performance requirements.

You Make Luxury Come True

A two-part learning platform, the programme offers learners a series of an 11-episode eMovie to start with, through which they follow the story of two protagonists learning the meaning of luxury. The high point is a mix of reality and fiction, each episode revealing a distinguished guest from the luxury industry who shares his personal vision on the episode’s theme. These exceptionally powerful experts come from diverse backgrounds in luxury brands, each of them bringing a unique take on the theme through concrete messages, which are then decrypted by the two co-founders: Erik Perey and Lionel Meyer.

A course of educational activities is then offered to learners in the second part of the programme, in order to understand, act and commit to each taught concept. This learning path immerses candidates in multiple practical luxury dimensions.  The learners are then asked to contextualize their newly acquired knowledge in their own environment, where they are placed in concrete situations and can quickly reap the benefits.

Upon completion of this course, the Candidates become “Luxury Attitude Certified”. This distinction offered by the Luxury Attitude Academy endorses the ability of the Candidate to be more effective by validating its soft skills knowledge vital in a profession involving contact with Clients in the Luxury universe. Being “Luxury Attitude Certified” means becoming a valuable player in the Client Experience and the reputation and success of the largest hotels and luxury brands.

What are the benefits of You Make Luxury Come True programme?

Working in the luxury industry requires specific knowledge and skills that are difficult for employers to find on a global level. “You Make Luxury Come True” offers, in both English and French, a comprehensive and innovative environment that allows learners to acquire these skills and obtain the certification of the Luxury Attitude Academy, whether it is a company looking to train their staff or professionals aspiring to work in this sector.

Erik Perey, co-founder of Luxury Attitude explains: “This is both a business accelerator programme and a true career booster,  enhancing the practical skills of Luxury Industry employees and certifying them to endorse their ability to work in this sector in contact with a Luxury Clientele. Each attendee of the 11 episodes will possess the keys to increase their relational efficiency. By the end of the first episode, they will be fully aware that when working in luxury, one must embody the brand that employs them and assume a front-row role in the development of Customer Experience.

This certification is the tangible proof for businesses that candidates own the soft skills necessary to provide exquisite Brand representation for Luxury Clientele and is a true performance booster, guaranteeing seamless knowledge integration and a commitment to high efficiency and ROI.

By developing this online training platform, we created a model for employment that redefines the hiring process for the luxury industry learning and addresses a serious challenge facing both employees and employers today: finding qualified staff that own specific insight into the luxury industry in order to deliver an unforgettable Brand service and Client experience, said Hervé de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, Director of Luxury Attitude and Customer Experience.


Co-founded by Erik Perey and Lionel Meyer, Luxury Attitude offers consultancy and training in the field of luxury trades. Since 2012, the company is part of one of the first French higher education groups: INSEEC Group.

Luxury Attitude’s goal is to develop a service strategy driven by the human dimension and reducing the gap between the promise of a brand and the perception of the Customer. Thus, for over 20 years, due to  its training programs for the world of hospitality and luxury, the Luxury Attitude team has helped more than 75,000 professionals worldwide understand and apply the concept of service excellence.

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