Local Press: UAE a beacon of tolerance

ABU DHABI, A UAE newspaper has said that while growing intolerance currently poses a mammoth challenge to many nations, it is a matter of great pride and honour for citizens and residents of the UAE that the country sets flawless examples on what a truly tolerant society is all about.

“The two-day World Tolerance Summit to be organised by the International Institute for Tolerance, part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, under the theme “Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration,” on 15th November will reaffirm UAE’s central status as a model for harmony and coexistence among people and nations,” said The Gulf Today in an editorial on Monday.

The paper continued, “The fact that the summit will bring together more than 1,000 high-ranking government officials, specialists, academics, peace experts, social activists, diplomats, international and local organisations, intellectuals, stakeholders and representatives of the public and private sectors highlights the significance of the event.

“It should not be forgotten that the UAE is the first country in the world to have appointed Ministers for Happiness, Tolerance, and the Future. The idea is to focus on the capability of the government in ensuring the quality of life in the UAE as reflected in all its sectors and tiers in society.

“There has been growing intolerance at the international level. There is no better way to tackle bigotry than through meaningful dialogue, interaction among various layers of societies and sincerity in approach.

“It is good that the participants in the upcoming event will discuss several crucial issues including how to spread the message of peace and tolerance globally, and the role of governments in promoting tolerance, peace in diversity, role of social media in spreading social messages to ensure respect for cultural and religious pluralism, and the commitment to dialogue, peaceful coexistence and the role of the academic curriculum in promoting tolerance and peace.

“The Summit will certainly go a long way in providing an innovative and creative solution to spreading awareness of tolerance among the youth and promote education about the active implementation of tolerance in one’s daily lifestyle.

“A tolerant society is one that recognises, respects and embraces diversity. The UAE offers an outstanding example by remaining at the forefront in such advocacy of peace, harmony and tolerance globally as well as locally,” concluded the Sharjah-based daily.

Source: Emirates News Agency