IUCAS delegation visits Sharjah Municipality’s Food Lab

SHARJAH, – Sharjah Municipality received a delegation from the British Accreditation Authority (IUCAS).

The delegation visited the Central Laboratories of the municipality and reviewed the procedures of the food laboratory in analysing the various samples as part of the procedures of renewing the annual international accreditation of the laboratory for more than 18 years.

Dr. Sheikha Rasha Al Qasimi, Assistant Director General for the Public Health and Central Laboratories in Sharjah Municipality, said that the delegation inspected the central labs in the municipality for two days and reviewed the modern equipment and advanced techniques used in analysing the samples to reach the most accurate results.

She pointed out that the delegation includes a group of experts in the British Commission for the Adoption of Laboratory Services Globally.

Sheikha Najla Ali Al-Mualla, Director of Central Laboratories Department, in Sharjah Municipality, said that the experts of the British Commission for Accreditation of Laboratory Services Worldwide have confirmed their confidence in the renewal of the international accreditation of the Central Laboratory for Food Control in Sharjah Municipality after conducting a comprehensive assessment of the systems in force in the laboratory.

The delegation commended the efforts of the laboratory and its uniqueness among the laboratories in the region

Source: Emirates News Agency