Israeli police accused of violent tactics against journalists

TEL AVIV — According to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, DPA, the Foreign Press Association, FPA, in Israel filed a petition with the Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday, accusing the Israel police of using violent tactics against journalists and improperly restricting media access to Jerusalem’s Old City.

We are seeking an end to the violent tactics often used by police and guarantees that we can cover the news freely, safely and securely, the FPA said in a statement.

DPA reported the FPA as saying that police verbally and physically harassed journalists and barred some media from entering Jerusalem’s Old City, while tourists where given access to the area.

Many reporters were forcibly removed from the Old City, FPA Executive Director Glenys Sugarman said. Reuters cameraman, Sinan Abu Maizer, was allegedly beaten by police and suffered a concussion while filming clashes in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Police District Commander Yoram Halevi told the press last week that the restrictions were to protect the journalists from the clashes, the agency added.

Dozens of reporters descended upon Jerusalem last month as violent clashes between police and Palestinian protesters played out in the streets.

Source: Emirates News Agency