International experts to meet at the Future Cities Show

DUBAI, — The inaugural edition of “Future Cities Show” in Dubai, which will run from 2nd to 4th April, will see some of the world’s most influential smart tech innovators converge to develop key strategies and strengthen collaborations.

The event will be attended by experts from various industries, including tech entrepreneurs, futurists and professionals from countries around the world.

The Future Cities Show 2017 will host exhibitors with innovative ideas, products and services for the future, focussing on sustainability, innovation and happiness and showcasing the latest developments. At the show, experts will offer guidance on implementation of various schemes, such as improved traffic flow, better information, sustainability and more for future cities.

In addition, the show includes workshops, demonstrations and a walking tour of some smart initiatives.

The event will also be a great opportunity to connect with local innovators in an effort to make a difference for a smart city and urban living projects. While exhibiting companies will have an opportunity to showcase their diversified solutions for future cities, visitors will have access to both, suppliers and vendors.

“The future cities do not need to be about command and control, but instead collaboration and networks between peers. We are looking at participation of most influential people working in the smart community space to visit the show. As such, the Future Cities Show 2017 is a perfect platform to meet and connect with key decision makers, technology providers, experts and representatives of public and private sectors and entrepreneurs from the region and the rest of the world with innovative ideas, products and services for the future.

In addition, the show will also serve as an opportunity to build strong collaborative relationships with other smart communities,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, Chairman of Strategic and Head of the organising committee of the new show.

The Future Cities Show 2017 is a global platform for companies and organisations developing advanced infrastructure all over the world.

It aims to attract big investors and those who have creative and innovative ideas to build future cities from economic, technological and environmental perspectives.

Source: Emirates News Agency