India’s floods affects 400,000 and kills 15

NEW DELHI — Almost 400,000 people have been affected and thousands rendered homeless as floods driven by heavy monsoon rains ravaged India’s north-eastern state of Assam, the Deutsch Presse Agentur, DPA, has reported.

Disaster teams were rescuing locals from 830 inundated villages across 13 districts, while state agencies were providing food and medical supplies to flood victims.

DPA has quoted an official as saying that floods and landslides in Assam have killed 15 people since monsoon rains began in June. Several people drowned as rivers swelled and breached embankments in recent days.

The official added that the flood situation is grim. Nearly 400,000 people have been affected, including being displaced, stranded in their homes or having suffered damages to their crops, land and livelihood. More than 25,000 homeless people had taken refuge in 108 relief camps operated by the government.

The regional weather office has predicted moderate to heavy rains will continue to lash the region in the next few days, DPA added.

India’s monsoon season between June and September often sees heavy rains that are vital for agriculture but can cause immense destruction.

Source: Emirates News Agency