Inaugural Digital Economy Conference slated for May to promote “seamless e-commerce”

ABU DHABI, — The Council of Arab Economic Unity, a body of the Arab League, will organise the first Digital Economy Conference at the Dubai International Convention Centre, promoting the theme “Seamless e-Commerce”, on 1st and 2nd May, 2017, under the patronage of H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.

It will provide a platform for a prominent group of experts and spokespersons from both the Arab States and international organisations to share experiences and shine a light on practices and experiences seen as the best in the field of global e-commerce.

Moreover, the conference will host 150 specialised international experts with extensive experience in the area of best e-commerce and future trends and practices, who will contribute to setting international standards and adopting best practices, along with recommendations on laws to fight cybercrime.

The event will seek to promote and support e-commerce markets in the Arab region and contribute to efforts to keep abreast of economic changes and developments.

Mohammed Mohammed Al Rabie, Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, said the Council seeks to support the development of the digital economy and contribute to the introduction of legislation and legal frameworks to support innovative applications and the empowerment of safe and reliable e-commerce solutions in Arab states.

The Council of Arab Economic Unity has established the Arab Federation for E-Commerce (AEFC) to encourage Arab countries to keep up with current global progress and motivate regional development, he noted.

“The volume of our e-market only accounts for one percent of the global e-market, although there are well-known successful Arab experiences. The combined population of Arab countries accounts for 5 per cent of the total world population. This means that we have great opportunities to double the development rates of our e-commerce.” Al Rabie added.

Ali Mohammed Al-Khouri, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the AEFC and Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee of the conference, said that organising the inaugural event is further proof that the UAE is able to create opportunities and have influence, thanks to its large-scale economic and technical resources, digital infrastructure, as well as legislation for e-commerce and to protect intellectual property rights.

Source: Emirates News Agency