The Hot topic of encryption also compelled the President Obama to reveal his take on it

The encryption dispute between F.B.I and Apple

The prolonged encryption dispute between F.B.I and Apple has paved a way for new debate to take place in the United States and now everyone is talking about her/his privacy of phones and that prolonged dispute between Apple and F.B.I has brought a fear in people’s mind that their smart phones are also vulnerable to encryption and their personal data may go into the hands of wrong people, so that asks both parties to solve this issue as its becoming the biggest concern for common people and for the United State’s own security. Few days ago in a court hearing the F.B.I’s official stated that F.B.I has confined its efforts to find the data of only that specific iPhone, which was used in the 2015 San Bernardino Massacre, so if the F.B.I’s stance is that much clear, so what is stopping Apple to accept the request of the F.B.I, which needs to reach at the end of that specific case and leaving it unsolved will give a very wrong message and will encourage terrorists to come up with more attacks.

The President Obamas’s take on this dispute

According to the President of the United States, the technology enables people to do things, which they were not even able to think about in the past, but it can also enable folks who are very dangerous to spread hazardous messages. The President Obama has come up with a balanced statement regarding this hot topic in the United States nowadays and with standing people’s fundamental right of not letting anyone go through their mobile data, he also urges that there should be a limitation imposed on privacy and that should be to keep people safe and ensure the security of the United States. This sort of message from the President of United States should be a clear one for both parties in order to protect both the privacy of common people’s data and security of the country.

Is Apple’s take on it justifiable?

The officials of Apple have had a very strong stance over this encryption issue that has so far stopped the progress of that 2015 San Bernardino investigation and that is because the Smartphone, which was used in that incident, is yet to be opened in order to reach to the end of the case. This is only possible if the Apple allows the F.B.I for it, but that does not seem to happen as Apple thinks that it will put the question on the company’s credibility and will give a wrong sense to people that iPhones are not the right ones to use as far as protecting personal data is concerned. Now the time will decide that how this aggressive stance of Apple will affect this case as well as the country’s security on which the state cannot compromise on and that is what the Apple must understand.