Government Communication Office organises workshop on “Manual for Government Communication”

DUBAI — The Government Communication Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future highlighted the necessity of integrating and unifying the “Government Communication Network,” to guarantee the use of best practices and improve communications in dealing with the public through traditional and modern media platforms.

This statement was made during a two-day workshop organised by the Government Communication Office, that saw the attendance of over 70 representatives from various federal authorities. Discussions focused on the practical application of the updated ‘Manual for Government Communication’ that was recently launched by the office.

Noaf Tahlak, Executive Director of the Government Communication Office, said that the workshop is part of the office’s activities to strengthen and develop the federal government communication system, and to standardise the communication procedures and practices of federal authorities.

She added that government communication has a strategic role in the UAE Government, and it supports government policies on innovation and the people’s happiness, through adopting the latest effective communication practices. She also highlighted its key role in raising awareness about the government’s initiatives and services.

Tahlak stressed that the workshop has gained importance through its discussions on the government’s communication manual, which was updated and revised to include modern and innovative tools, according to the best international practices in the field of government communication, with the aim of adopting a unified government communication strategy and coordinating the communication practices and systems of the UAE government, to comply with its directives and priorities.

She added that the updated manual includes practical methods and plans, and specifies the key responsibilities and roles of the Government Communication Office and communication teams in federal authorities, to combine and coordinate the current procedures and systems used in dealing with the public, and the media tools adopted by individual government authorities.

The workshop also included detailed explanations on other issues, such as the role of the Government Communication Network in the UAE Government, the importance of strategic planning and the work of government communication departments to federal authorities, as well as media and communication-related activities and other campaigns and events. Government communication teams from various federal authorities have also discussed the workshop’s various topics, and reviewed the models and practices that support their daily tasks in government communication departments.

Source: Emirates News Agency