Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement calls on communities, peoples to stand together against torture

GENEVA — The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue, The Geneva Centre, has called on communities and peoples to co-operate and stand together against the practice of torture that is taking place in many countries around the world, which is still considered as normal in many prisons, police stations and detention centres.

The centre denounced the presence of these practices, as the world has reached advanced levels of development and progress.

In a statement issued by the Centre for the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Dr. Hanif Hassan Al Qassim, Chairman of the Geneva Centre’s Board of Management, stressed that eliminating these practices is not enough, stating that it is essential to support victims of torture, both financially and morally, to help them overcome their painful experience.

He noted his disapproval of not taking this issue seriously, and highlighted the declaration of the United Nations, UN, General Assembly in its resolution, issued on 12th December, 1997, to mark 26th June as the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, as well as the previous anti-torture convention that was signed in 1984 and ratified by 162 countries.

He highlighted that the Abu Gharib Prison scandal in Iraq in 2003 and images from the Guantanamo Bay Camp in Cuba are still troubling the global conscience, as well as the terrifying atrocities committed by the ISIS terrorist group in many areas while stressing the importance of respect for human dignity.

He added that there is another form of torture, condemned by civil rights organisations and the UN, represented in the treatment of refugees and immigrants in refugee centres. He also stated that Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur, issued a special report that warned about the inhuman practices faced by immigrants and refugees.

At the end of the statement, Dr. Al Qassim stressed that it is time for peoples and governments to unite and stand together to combat practices that threaten human dignity while highlighting that victims must be supported in all possible ways.

Source: Emirates News Agency