General Command of Armed Forces celebrates graduation of 12th grade students from Military High School, Al Dhaid

AL DHAID, The General Command of the Armed Forces today celebrated the graduation of the first batch of 12th grade students from Al Dhaid Military High School, during a ceremony at the school in Al Dhaid, Sharjah, with the attendance of Staff Major General Salem Saeed Ghafan Al Jabri, Head of Administration and Human Resources, and senior officers of the Armed Forces, the parents of the graduates and those invited.

The celebration began with a reading of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by the school’s commander, where he welcomed the celebration’s sponsor and the guests.

“We are celebrating today the first accomplishment of the Military High School at Al Dhaid as an academic institution, which promised its command to continue its journey while celebrating the graduation of a new group of future leaders. The school provided them with exceptional education and training, to keep pace with the needs of the Armed Forces,” he said.

He added that the General Command of the Armed Forces is providing military school students with the means of success, through preparing training programmes and selecting scientific curriculum that will fulfil the requirements of a modern life, supported by military and physical training, leadership training and comprehensive health education, which will qualify the students for the future and provide them with the spirit of leadership and national belonging while affirming that the results achieved by the students in their high school and international education exams were promising, and were in line with the plans and goals of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

The school’s commander congratulated the students for achieving their goals while adding that the moment has come to prove their worthiness and ability to handle their responsibilities, challenges and difficulties.

The graduates swore an oath of loyalty to the nation and the wise leadership, as well as to sacrifice their lives for President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

At the end of the ceremony, Staff Major General Al Jabri distributed awards to the students and certificates to the graduates.

Commemorative pictures were then taken with the graduates.

Source: Emirates News Agency