FNC to participate in meetings of Arab Parliament committees, session in Cairo

ABU DHABI, — A delegation of the UAE Parliamentary Division from the Federal National Council, FNC, will participate in the fifth session of the first session of the Arab Parliament’s second legislative session and the meetings of its permanent committees, to be held in Cairo from 20th to 24th April, 2017.

The FNC Parliamentary Division delegation will include Jassim Abdullah Al Naqbi, Member of the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Committee; Khalid Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Member of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs; Aisha Salem bin Samnoh, Member of the Committee on Social and Cultural Affairs, Women and Youth, and Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Member of the Foreign Affairs and Political Affairs and National Security Committee.

The Sub-Committee on Human Rights, with the participation of Jassim Al Naqbi, Vice Chairman of the committee, will discuss the conditions of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons and the reporting mechanism of regional and international human rights organisations in the Arab region. The sub-committee will also review its report on Syrian refugees in Greece.

According to the agendas of the four committees of the Arab Parliament, the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee will discuss the submitted proposal of Arab Parliament members on an Arab initiative to reject the link between violence and terrorism to Islam and to denounce discriminatory measures against Muslims.

The Social and Cultural Affairs, Women and Youth Committee will present a draft document on higher education and scientific research in the Arab world, and another on advancing the Arabic language.

Concerning an item on the committee’s agenda on migration and refugees, several draft recommendations will be planned during the meeting to help and fulfil the needs of women and children refugees, along with a review of the report by the Sub-Committee on Human Rights on migration and human rights.

The Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security Committee will discuss developments in the Palestinian cause and Arab national security, as well as Iran’s occupation of three UAE islands and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The committee will also review the Arab Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism and follow up the implementation of the League of Arab States Council on Arab political affairs.

The Economic and Financial Affairs Committee will also discuss a draft Arab investment guidance law, the economic part of a report from the League of Arab States to follow up on joint Arab action, developments on the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, and the executive programme of the Convention on Facilitating Trade Exchange between States of the Arab League.

Source: Emirates News Agency