FNC participates in Arab Parliamentary meeting on population, development in Cairo

CAIRO — The Federal National Council, FNC, has participated in an Arab Parliamentary meeting on population, development, marriage and the family in the Arab region, which recently took place in Cairo, with the participation of 18 Arab countries.

The UAE was represented by Azza Suleiman bin Suleiman, FNC Member and Chairperson of the Social Affairs, Labour, Population and Human Resources Committee in the FNC.

The League of Arab States organised this meeting, in coordination and cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Arab Parliamentarians Forum for Population and Development, the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, and the American University in Cairo.

During the meeting, its participants and experts addressed prominent issues, such as policies to support the family, national strategies that aim to empower the family, and the challenges threatening the family in the Arab region, as well as the topic of the family in a sustainable development agenda, among other important issues.

Azza Suleiman said that marriage and the family are the core of life and societies. She added that parliaments from around the world are responsible for cooperating with governments to develop legislation on marriage and the family, in a bid to face modern challenges.

She highlighted the desire of the meeting’s participants to discuss these challenges in a transparent manner, which will reflect the deep and efficient way that Arab parliaments can tackle this issue in the future.

She also stressed that parliaments are responsible for approaching the community and identifying the real challenges facing families, as well as translating them into dialogue within the parliament, which will contribute to empowering youth in creating new families that are capable of building future communities.

Source: Emirates News Agency