FNC delegation presents proposals on women empowerment in Russia

SAINT PETERSBURG, The Federal National Council, FNC, has made several proposals, including urging parliaments to enact legislations, laws, and regulations that support women’s empowerment and to review the countries adoption of the Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace held in Beijing in 1995.

This came during the participation of an FNC delegation at the second Eurasian Women’s Forum, which is currently being held in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In her participation in a workshop at the forum, Azza Sulaiman bin Sulaiman, member of the FNC, presented the proposals of the UAE Parliamentary Division, which urges parliaments to enact legislation, laws and regulations that support women’s economic empowerment and achieve gender equality, as well as the elimination of social restrictions in laws that prevent women from accessing financial services in some countries.

She also highlighted the importance of coordination between parliaments and international parliamentary organisations such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the issue of a guide for parliamentarians documenting good practices on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Bin Sulaiman pointed out that women’s participation in achieving the sustainable development goals is a strategic option pursued by the UAE in its development path. Emirati women occupy 66 percent of government jobs, of which 30 percent are senior decision-making positions held by women. The business sector accounts for 10 percent of the UAE’s total private sector, with over AED40 billion being managed by Businesswomen.

Participating in a panel discussion, Naema Abdullah Al Sharhan, FNC member, said that the FNC has made a number of proposals calling for the establishment of a system of international cooperation aimed at developing networks to learn about different cultures among countries, with emphasis on the need to ensure women’s participation in discussions and decision-making, as well as the need to work on combating illiteracy.

She urged on activating United Nations resolutions on women’s role in the cultural field and the need to integrate women into all cultural events, seminars and programmes, whether international or national, and to encourage women to participate in cultural activities through awareness campaigns, establishment of cultural development centres, and the adoption of training programmes and workshops.

Source: Emirates News Agency