Experts laud progress on treating HIV

MEXICO CITY, Important progress is being made in developing treatment and prevention technologies against the human immunodeficiency viruses, HIV, experts said at a conference of the International AIDS Society (IAS) in Mexico City.

“Ultimately, the advances we are seeing in science are about giving people living with HIV more choices,” German news agency, DPA, quoted IAS President Anton Pozniak as saying on Wednesday.

Pozniak was speaking shortly before the closure of the conference, which brought together 5,000 experts from 140 countries.

New drugs and novel treatment regimens have the potential to improve long-term tolerability and reduce costs and pill sizes, Pozniak said.

At the opening of the conference, Pozniak warned against the threat that humanitarian crises pose to the treatment of HIV. From Syria to Venezuela, the challenge of providing HIV services in humanitarian crises threatens global progress in confronting the epidemic, he said.

“There is a whole lot of good news,” said Juergen Rockstroh, president of the European AIDS Clinical Society.

It is at least theoretically possible to end the HIV epidemic, but that requires political solutions, he told DPA at the start of the conference on Sunday.

Studies released at the conference put the spotlight on progress that could completely change the HIV prevention landscape, the conference organisers said in a statement.

Source: Emirates News Agency