Experts at International Human Resources Conference share best practices in human capital management and development

DUBAI, — More than 500 HR specialists and business leaders met in Dubai on Monday for the seventh edition of International Human Resources Conference 2017, organised by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, FAHR, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

The conference was titled, “Millennials Shaping the Future of Work.”

Bruce Tulgan, International Expert on Millennials, Author and Founder, Rainmaker Thinking, Inc. USA, spoke in a plenary session under the title, “Managing Millennials: how to bring out the best in today’s young talent.”

He said HR and business leaders need to adopt best practices to retain top young talent and increase the organisational performance. He also stressed the need to understand the attitudes and behaviour of young employees, attract and select the best young employees when recruiting and help young people work smarter, faster, and better.

He discussed ways to teach young employees to understand where they fit in the organisation and prepare the best employees to assume management responsibilities.

Andrew Green, Senior Practice Expert, Gallup, UK, tackled the issue of reward structures to attract and retain top young talent.

Speakers also addressed the role of the education landscape in designing the 2020 workforce generation.

They said innovations in the classroom and academic practices has shaped today’s millennials and their motivations, mind-set, digital and technological habits. The panel discussion brought insight from educational and corporate entities to discuss working together to recruit, engage, motivate, develop and retain young professionals in the future workplace.

The two-day conference focusses on the needs and aspirations of youth, discussing many issues that are closely related to the development and empowerment of human capital, such as managing millennials, expanding and developing human capital to drive business performance, what millennials really want and expect from government organisations, career planning for capital to enhance business performance, attract and retain the best talent, career planning for the 21st Century, and engaging digital employees.

As one of the most important strategic initiatives of the authority, the event provides an ideal platform for sharing the best practices and experiences in human capital management and nurturing millennial talent. It also highlights main issues and identifying the most important challenges encountered, in addition to the progression of millennials and their role in the future of work in the region.

Source: Emirates News Agency