European seminar to expose depth of Qatar’s funding of terrorism

BRUSSELS — Proof points and key messages on Qatar’s funding and support of terrorism and extremism will be brought to the limelight at a seminar to be organised in Brussels on Tuesday, July 18th, by the Trends Research and Advisory.

The first such gathering in the European Union Capital since the onset of the Qatari crisis, the seminar will bring together a select of international officials and representatives of global think tanks to shed more extensive light on the geopolitical implications triggered by Qatar’s defiant note and state of denial of all efforts made to persuade it to stop hosting, funding and providing supportive media platforms for extremist and terrorist outfits.

Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, Founder and President of Trends Research & Advisory, has said the centre is keen to organise such gatherings out of its firm belief that all countries should be aware of the fact that all pressures have to exercised on the state of Qatar to stop funding and supporting terrorism and that the Qatari behavior poses a direct menace to the security of Europe, US and the Middle East.

“We can’t tolerate such direct and overt support of extremist ideologies,” he said, noting that more pressures have to piled over such nations to change course.

“The seminar will focus on issues of cooperation between terror-combatting countries and Qatar’s notorious history in this regard. We will bring forth and drive home many facts and proof points that have not been known to the public opinion and global community before about the Qatar nurturing and sheltering of terrorist elements.”

“Trends Research and Advisory has developed two reports that feature undeniable facts about Qatar’s direct and indirect support for terrorism and extremism, including evidence and names,” he elaborated.

The seminar will be attended by Dr. Richard Burchill, the Director of Research and Engagement for Trends, and Olivier Guitta, GlobalStrat’s CEO, as well John Duhig, a Senior Policy Advisor at the European Foundation for Democracy, who will speak about the status of refugees in Europe and the negative impact created by media outlets that promote terrorism like Qatar’s Al Jazeera.

Source: Emirates News Agency