Etihad Museum honours UAE Founding Fathers

DUBAI — The Etihad Museum has been a very prestigious landmark in the UAE since its inception and tells the story of the 1971 Union Agreement through the eyes of the Founding Fathers. The museum honours the Founding Fathers dedication, commitment and patriotism by showcasing their achievements and some of their private collections while inviting individuals from all walks of life to follow their shining example in everyday life.

The Etihad Museum inspires visitors with the story of the most significant moment in the UAE’s timeline, the birth of the country at Union House which was on the 2nd December 1971. This moment would not have been possible without the dedication of the Founding Fathers.

By introducing visitors to each of the rulers in a meaningful way, the museum ensures that their legacy is celebrated to enrich our present and shape our bright future.

Source: Emirates News Agency