ERC continuing development efforts in Yemen during Year of Zayed

ABU DHABI, The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is continuing its efforts to implement development programmes launched in March in the liberated areas of Yemen, which include education, infrastructure and health projects, as well as urgent rescue and humanitarian aid to ease the suffering of local residents and rescue needy families.

The ERC’s efforts during the Year of Zayed have widened the scope of its humanitarian and development projects, and reflect the support for the Yemeni people by the UAE, which offered AED1.84 billion (US$500 million) to assist the 2018 UN Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen, which aims to help over 13 million people.

The ERC recently sent a humanitarian aid convoy carrying tents for shelter in response to an urgent call for help that was made by the people of several desert areas and remote villages in the border areas of the Hadramaut region. It also sent a humanitarian aid convoy to the residents of Al Mahfid District in Abyan Governorate, which coincided with the launch of a security campaign by the Security Belt Forces against terrorist elements in the area.

In Aden, the ERC team launched the “Volunteers for Community Service” programme, which aims to promote the spirit of volunteering among its participants.

As for the infrastructure sector, the ERC is continuing its efforts to support key reconstruction, development and infrastructure projects in Yemen, which were destroyed by the war started by the Houthis.

The ERC also supported a water project to combat the thirst and drought that affect many Yemeni areas. In Aden, the Local Water and Sanitation Corporation began operating water pumps in Al Manasra Field and the Nasser Well with funding from the ERC from the Year of Giving, valued at around AED3 million.

The ERC announced that the Year of Zayed will benefit the country’s liberated governorates, and a budget of AED35 million was allocated to implement services and development projects in the governorates of Aden, Lahej, Abyan, Dhala and Taiz.

The ERC also signed an agreement to fund a project to maintain the Jil’ah-Balhaf Road in Shabwa Governorate, which will increase commercial and social activity between the villages and areas along the vital road.

Source: Emirates News Agency