Environmentally Distinctive House initiative launched

AL AIN, In the run-up to the 22nd National Environment Day, observed every year on 4th February, Sheikha Dr Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, Chairperson of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural Center, today inaugurated the Environmentally Distinctive House initiative.

The campaign aims to educate the residents of the Manazaf area of Al Ain about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their neighbourhood and protecting the environment.

Set to run until 28th February, the initiative is sponsored by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural Center in partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, MOCCAE, and Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer).

To mark the launch of the campaign, the three entities organised an awareness march in the Manazaf area. The event drew the participation of volunteers from Umm Al Emarat School, community councils, the Generations Camp, Future Generations Library, Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan Generations School, and Ambitions Private School.

Sheikha Dr. Shamma said, “Here in the UAE, preserving the environment for future generations is a top priority. We are committed to raising awareness of eco-friendly practices among our citizens and residents, teaching them how to live in harmony with nature, and driving home the importance of our environment for our survival.”

She added, “Today, we launch the Environmentally Distinctive House initiative in a bid to ensure that Al Ain remains the UAE’s Garden City, as it has long been called due to its lush greenery. The campaign aligns with the national environmental protection strategy.”

Engineer Nael Al Shamsi, Manager of Tadweer’s Al Ain Branch, said, “Our participation in this initiative is part of our efforts to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment, promote environmental awareness and encourage the community to adopt an environmentally responsible attitude in dealing with waste. This will help us minimise waste production, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the emirate, and accelerate its sustainable development.”

Taif Al Amiri, Director of the Government Communications Department at MOCCAE, said, “With its host of legislations, strategies and regular initiatives, the UAE is a model of environmental protection. The Environmentally Distinctive House initiative reflects the shared commitment of our three entities to raising awareness of best practices in waste management.”

At the end of the initiative, the organisers will choose the most eco-friendly house based on compliance with the environmental cleanliness and sustainability standards set by Tadweer. These encompass sorting waste at source into four types (plastic � cardboard and paper � glass � metal), avoiding dumping trash in front of the house, calling the toll-free number 800555 to collect bulk waste such as used furniture or trees, observing the waste collection schedule in the neighbourhood, using the appropriate bin liners, and refraining from littering.

The organisers will reward the owner of the most eco-friendly house to encourage more residents to dispose of their waste in a sustainable manner. The rewards include one month of free electricity, a winner sticker for the house, the Environmentally Distinctive Family Medal, a certificate of appreciation, and a plaque.

In the next stage, the organisers plan to expand the initiative to other areas of Al Ain.

Source: Emirates News Agency