Empower participates in ‘district energy’ workshop in Canada

VANCOUVER, Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, Empower, the world’s largest district cooling services provider, confirmed that district cooling systems have become an integral part of planning and designing modern buildings in new-age smart cities, especially in cities with warm climates.

His statement came during a workshop held on the first day of the International District Energy Association, IDEA, Annual Conference and Tradeshow 2018, hosted in Vancouver, Canada, from 11th to 14th June.

The workshop was organised to discuss “District Energy for Warmer Climates”, citing cases from cities and developing districts in the Asia-Pacific region Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India and China. The workshop was jointly organised by global agencies, such as IDEA, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association, APUEA, and United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, and its “District Energy in Cities” initiative.

During a panel discussion, entitled “Perspectives from Expanding Markets,” Bin Shafar highlighted that the future of smart cities lies in the adoption of district cooling systems, which are characterised by great environmental and economic benefits and can be the ideal solution for new real estate projects.

District cooling systems have become very popular with real estate developers who have realised the importance of adopting district cooling services, as it represents a significant and environmentally friendly technological advancement that contributes to reducing water and energy consumption in a more efficient and reliable way. Bin Shafar also cited examples from developing cities, which are adopting district cooling as part of the UNEP global “District Energy in Cities” initiative partnered by Empower.

Empower representatives also participated in another session, held on “Financing, Governance and Operations.” The session saw discussions on funding enterprises, competing for and managing public/private capital, risk mitigation, optimising rates of return, privatisation strategies and monetising assets, concession agreements and re-financing or re-capitalising assets.

“Empower is an active partner of the United Nations Environment Global ‘District Energy in Cities’ initiative, which was launched to promote district cooling solutions in developing cities around the world. Empower has taken steps on-ground, by transferring district cooling technologies and deploying sustainable solutions and energy management systems to several countries.

“We are committed to a strategy to reduce carbon emissions to contribute to the implementation of the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy and the Dubai Plan 2021. Reducing carbon emissions enhances the position of the UAE in green development and reduces costs, which in turn contributes to increasing profits,” the Empower CEO concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency