Emirates Transport organises workshops on incident reporting procedures

DUBAI — Emirates Transport, ET, has held three workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Regions on procedures for reporting incidents and methods of their investigation, in accordance with the requirements of the integrated management system, and the requirements of relevant official bodies such as the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Centre, OSHAD.

The workshops were organised by ET’s department of Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety and attended by nearly 90 participants including school transport managers, managers of ET business centres, as well as a number of other employees who are responsible for reporting and investigating incidents.

Hanan Saqer, Executive Director of the Corporate Services, said that the workshops are part of the efforts of Emirates Transport to enhance safety procedures and is part of the Corporation’s ongoing commitment to educate and train its employees.

During the workshops, employees learnt about the systems pertaining to incident management procedures, from the initial reporting to the investigation stage.

In particular, the workshops included explanations of the incident reporting mechanism and their updates under the third edition of the Integrated Management Manual, which included updates to the time frame for incident reporting according to the severity of these incidents, as well as updates to applicable models and how they are used for accident reporting purposes and investigation.

Source: Emirates News Agency