Emirates SkyCargo widens offerings for pharma customers

DUBAI — Emirates SkyCargo’s customers can have temperature sensitive products shipped using SkyCell’s temperature controlled containers, which are designed to maintain products at +2 C to +8 C and +15 C to +25 C safely, even under extreme outside temperatures, such as �35 C to +65 C, for several days.

Pharma customers can also choose to have their temperature sensitive shipments transported in va-Q-tainer containers, which are advanced passive containers that provide temperature-controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70 C to +25 C in extreme ambient conditions.

Va-Q-tainer rental containers are available in five different sizes and take up to two US pallets inside. They offer constant and deviation-free temperature control for several days without using external energy sources.

Emirates SkyCargo’s agreements with SkyCell and va-Q-tec supplement its existing in-house pharma offerings, which include the Emirates SkyPharma Cool Dolly that transports cargo from aircraft to storage areas in Dubai, and the White Container, a special container coated with insulators to counteract high external temperatures, giving customers a wide variety of transportation options for their pharma shipments.

Source: Emirates News Agency