Dubai Real Estate Institute launches Global Real Estate Research and Innovation Awards

DUBAI, Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) has officially announced the launch of its Global Real Estate Research and Innovation Awards, as part of its ambitious Real Estate Research and Innovation Strategy 2021. The initiative demonstrates the institute’s commitment to encouraging research and innovation in the real estate sector, and was announced in the presence of leaders and innovators from the GCC’s real estate community.

The initiative aims to further the future of real estate by promoting research and innovation in the sector. This will involve the development of knowledge sharing platforms for the real estate community, encouraging research projects, and supporting the work of laboratories in Dubai and the UAE. Project financing will be managed in collaboration with academic institutions, and supported by sponsors and leaders from the real estate sector.

Commenting on the importance of the initiative, Mahmoud Al Burai, Executive Director of DREI, stated: “Via this initiative, the institute aims to build a culture of knowledge that will improve the long-term prospects of the real estate sector. By encouraging the exchange of best practices and applied research, we will increase the real estate sector’s resilience, and equip it to address global climate change, keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution, and find optimal solutions to societal issues such as migration and demographic explosion.”

Al Burai added: “The Global Real Estate Research and Innovation Awards is a particularly important part of our wider strategy, as it invites the world’s greatest minds to submit research that will raise the bar for the global real estate industry. We are proud to be launching the awards program in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious real estate institutes, including The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the United Nations Program for Human Settlements, and the International Real Estate Federation. We have high confidence in our partners and are certain that they will contribute effectively to the development of the real estate sector.”

The initiative will focus on four main themes: Real Estate Policy and Regulation, Sustainable and Smart Urban Development, Innovative Asset Management and Real Estate Finance and Investment. The themes arose from the results of the Dubai Real Estate Institute’s first ever community innovation survey.

The Global Real Estate Research and Innovation Awards offer prizes in six categories: Best Research Paper, Best White Paper, Outstanding Student Research, Best Innovation and Research Report, Best Innovation and Research Project, and UN Sustainable Development Goals Research and Innovation.

The winners in each category will receive $14,000 and appear in the e-magazine of Real Estate Research in the MENA, as well as on the Dubai Real Estate Institute website.

Source: Emirates News Agency