Dubai Property Show London to kick off 16th November

DUBAI, The Dubai Land Department, DLD, is proud to organise the third edition of the Dubai Property Show in London from 16th to 18th November 2018.

The three-day show will bring leading real estate companies such as Nakheel Properties, Falconcity of Wonders, Sobha Realty and many other developers along with real estate brokers, banks, and lawyers to the show.

Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management Sector at DLD, stated, “Dubai is one of the most attractive cities for foreign investors, and Dubai Land Department has always been exploring ways to enhance the sustainable growth of the real estate sector. The Emirate is on a lot of United Kingdom, UK, residents’ radars, especially when considering the substantial number of British expatriates that we are glad to be serving. It is, therefore, our pleasure to host the Dubai Property Show in London again, and looking forward to organising more events of this nature.”

According to the statistics issued by the DLD’s Real Estate Studies and Research, British citizens have emerged as the second-highest foreign investors in Dubai real estate. According to DLD’s records, a total of 29,125 British investors concluded 47,877 real estate transactions worth over AED88 billion since their entry into Dubai’s real estate market. With a strategic location, high investment and rental yield, and regulations and legislation that are set in place to protect the rights of all parties, Dubai continues to be an attractive proposition for foreign investors.

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to attend free seminars offered by qualified professionals with experience in property, law, and other subjects, where they will learn about property investments, upcoming Dubai hotspots, financing and legal information to keep in mind when investing in Dubai, and much more. Exclusive payment plans and financial loans will also be made available.

The Dubai Property Show endeavours to be a platform for investors to see and purchase fantastic property developments in Dubai.

Source: Emirates News Agency