Dubai Municipality organises blood donation drive

DUBAI — As part of the #Year of Giving initiative, the Charity and Social Responsibility Team of the Charity Ambassadors project of the Dubai Municipality organised a blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, on Wednesday, at the municipality headquarters.

Khalid Mohammed Badri, Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations Department and Head of the Charity and Social Responsibility Team, said that the campaign aims at supporting national efforts to encourage voluntary blood donors.

“It also carries an awareness objective of educating people on a larger scale of the need to donate blood regularly due to its short shelf life,” he added.

Badri stressed that the campaign pays great attention to the health of blood donors and the quality of their care. “It is a critical factor to achieve the commitment and willingness of blood donors, thus contributing to the dissemination of a health awareness culture among community and municipality employees. The campaign also contributes significantly to the promotion of the social unity concept, as well as the spirit of social responsibility and human values,” he continued.

Doctors confirm the multiple health benefits that donors accrue, as it stimulates the heart muscle and blood circulation, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. One bag of blood can save the lives of three people in urgent need of it.

The Dubai Municipality pays great attention to this campaign, which was first launched in 1996, and enjoys the participation of a large number of employees.

Source: Emirates News Agency