Dubai Municipality concludes cleanliness awareness campaign in commercial areas

DUBAI, The Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality has concluded its awareness campaign in commercial areas, which was organised with the participation of Civil Defence and the Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, targeting shopkeepers and market customers in Al Nakheel and Naif market.

Abdul Majeed Sifai, Director of Waste Management Department and Head of the Awareness Team in the field of Sustainable Waste Management, said that Dubai Municipality has given particular attention to the market areas due to their commercial, tourist and cultural values.

“We at the Waste Management Department always strive to maintain outstanding levels of cleanliness in the city’s markets. We provide a staff of more than 600 qualified cleaners, supervisors and inspectors,” he said.

“The concept of comprehensive public awareness needs the combination of efforts by specialists from all relevant authorities concerned with public behaviour and action in the market areas. We organised this joint initiative to spread a culture of compliance with the law on local hygiene and enhancing social responsibility amongst the general public,” Sifai said.

“We conducted the awareness campaign in nearly 250 shops in Al Nakheel area alone and awareness advertisements have been installed in 200 commercial buildings in Al Nakheel, Freij Murar, Daghaya and Alras areas, in addition to honouring a number of employees working in the markets with the Medal of Hygiene Ambassadors for their constant commitment and their keenness to hygiene,” he said.

Sifai added that the campaign, “A Sustainable, Clean City Is In Your Hands” will continue until the end of this month. “We will be organising a series of awareness-raising efforts such as the publication and dissemination of awareness posters in all mosques and health institutions in the emirate, in cooperation with Dubai Health Authority and the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities. In addition to that we are finalising awareness videos on environmental practices, which will be published and circulated via social media channels that will be created in an interesting and way that is understandable to the audience as it will explain the fines charged for each negative practice as per Local Order No. 11 of 2003,” he said.

Source: Emirates News Agency