Dubai Judicial Institute releases 7th edition of “Emirates Law, Business and Practice”

DUBAI — The Dubai Judicial Institute, DJI, has released the seventh edition of “Emirates Law, Business and Practice,” a quarterly legal magazine published in English by the institute.

The latest edition focusses on the UAE’s healthcare sector and provides legal professionals with expert insights into many topics, including new laws and regulations, medical tourism and health insurance.

The new edition opens with an introduction from Judge Dr. Jamal Al-Sumaiti, Director-General of the DJI, on the history of the healthcare sector in the UAE and its subsequent development.

“In the UAE, health is very much a business issue. This is because the high number of private healthcare providers, the emerging ‘health tourism’ market and the growing population of the UAE have made regulation of prime importance, which has led to the recent introduction of a variety of new laws for the sector. It is essential for legal professionals to keep pace with these changes, and we are confident that this edition will provide readers with a solid grounding in the UAE’s regulatory healthcare environment while also supporting our government’s objectives for sustainable funding in the sector,” Dr. Al Sumaiti said.

As well as a wide range of expert legal information and analysis, the edition also includes an exclusive interview with Humaid Al Qatami, Former UAE Minister of Health and Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, who features on the cover of the magazine. In the interview, the Al Qatami shares his expertise on topics ranging from health insurance and private sector policy to quality standards, innovation and smart technology. He also stated that due to Dubai’s international status, there is a special responsibility for the emirate to maintain its reputation as a leading destination for residence, investment, tourism and travel.

The seventh edition of the magazine also includes several other important topics, including an investigation titled, “Crime of Fraud,” a comprehensive overview of the financing of the health sector, insights into innovation in the health sector, and many other topics such as therapeutic tourism and health insurance.

Source: Emirates News Agency