Dubai hosts Cyber Security & Innovation Series from 13th-16th September

DUBAI, Under the patronage of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, the Cyber Security & Innovation Series (CSIS) is hosting over 200 attendees in a hybrid online and in person event taking place from 13th to 16th September online. The series will conclude its sessions with an award giving and networking majlis event at Grand Hyatt on 16th September.

CSIS is organised by Market Solutions Events Management, a leading events organiser lead by the Emirati architect and entrepreneur Madiha Salem.

Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity, UAE Government, commented, “A public-private partnership will be critical to build collaboration among private, public and government entities so as to establish a globally trusted digital oasis in the UAE.”

The event is gathering C-Suite Cyber and IT executives, change makers and business leaders, to gain insights from a wide array of speakers during the 30 interactive engaging session. The speakers will discuss different perspectives highlighting innovations in the area of cyber security. The conversations will also focus on the pre, during, and post cyberattacks procedures, and building, scaling, bettering mature infrastructures in the ever-evolving cyber universe. The event will conclude with the award show and 5 majlis ceremonies to celebrate best achivers in the field.

Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat, said, “As a company that is progressing towards becoming a national technology champion, we are proud to be participating in the Cyber Security & Innovation Series as a lead partner, sharing our expertise and key insights with industry innovators and decision makers.

In today’s data-driven world, where advancements in technology amounts to wider security breaches; Injazat has been constantly adapting its capabilities to combat today’s sophisticated threats. The need to engage in impactful dialogue and forge meaningful partnerships has never been more imperative to build plausible cyber resilience in the region and we welcome the opportunities that the CSIS event create for us to exchange knowledge, while also offering a platform to showcase our abilities in designing and developing digitally advanced communities.”

CSIS will host cyber and IT executives from the most targeted industries in engaging, thought provoking, closed-door, and most importantly, niche platforms for executives to speak and hear the language that they are familiar with, with audiences that are dealing with the same risks and environments, and solutions that are specifically designed to help them secure their infrastructures.

Mamdoh Al Zahrani, Banking Sector Cyber Security Head, Saudi Arabia – BFSI Stream, said, “Building digital walls will not enforce trust, trust comes only from anticipating risks and managing its impact. ‘Cyber Security’ is the guardian angel of contemporary digital risks.”

Dr. Jassim Haji, President of the Artificial Intelligence Society in Bahrain’s Government and Public Sector, commented, “A self-learning, AI-based cybersecurity management system is increasingly necessary for businesses to effectively protect your network against threats and this is will be discussed during the conference.”

BFSI Chairman Majed M. Al Shodari, Chief Cyber Security Officer, Salama Cooperative Insurance, said, “The Cybersecurity become an essential platform for all type of businesses with no exception. However, its become more important in the age of innovation and business’s turnaround intuitive to lead and be a valuable player on the Board Members Table.”

Murali Sagar Palani, CTO, National Energy Centre, Energy and Utilities, said, “I am expecting the panelists to share their experiences and future risks in this event.”

He added, “This event is very important as the penetration of the IT has increased globally more than expected due to Pandemic. I am excited to join this event as most of the panelists are highly experienced and in right positions to define and execute the Cyber security policies.”

CSIS will also discuss ransom, accessing sensitive data, and dissect the nature of attacks as they are increasingly requiring more proactive, robust, resilient, adaptive, and smart measures in place.

Source: Emirates News Agency