Dubai Hospital receives Guinness World Record for removing world’s largest kidney

DUBAI — Dubai Hospital has successfully removed the world’s largest kidney from a 56-year-old Emirati man.

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, head of the Urology Department at the hospital, received a Guinness World Record certificate on Thursday after months of verifying the data, which confirmed that one of the kidneys removed, was in fact the largest in the world with the weight of 4.25kg and 34cmx17cm in diameter.

The announcement was made at a press conference on Thursday.

Dr. Bagheri, who led the surgery, removed Mr. Sayed’s two kidneys during a five-hour surgery on October 11th, 2016, due to polycystic kidney disease.

He explained that while the record was obtained for a 4.25 kg kidney, at the time of the surgery, the kidneys removed each weighed more than 6 kgs totaling to 13kgs.

Humaid al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, said that achieving this record is a reflection of Dubai Hospital’s capabilities in conducting complicated surgeries.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Jasmi, CEO of Dubai Hospital, commended the urology department for this achievement adding that the hospital continuously strives to provide quality medical care in Dubai.

When asked how the patient was functioning without both of his kidneys, Dr. Bagheri said the patient’s kidneys where already completely impaired two years before the surgery was conducted, and his hemodialysis was started then.

Talal Omar, Head of Guinness World Records’ Dubai-based office, commented, “We have spent many months studying extremely complex medical records and now that assessment is complete. Guinness World Records is happy to announce that the record title of the Largest Kidney is now official. As the leading global authority on record breaking, we want to challenge the way people and brands view themselves. We believe in offering record breaking ideas for everyone, everywhere and will continue to seek out new and exciting records in the UAE, a market that has no dearth of creative ideas and inspiration.”

Mr. Saeed, who attended the press conference, said that he is planning to get a kidney transplantation in the near future.

Source: Emirates News Agency