Dubai Economy urges fish and meat sellers not to increase prices during Ramadan

DUBAI — Officials from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector in Dubai Economy have visited Deira Fish Market as part of meeting vendors to ensure fair prices of essential foods during the holy month of Ramadan.

Fish sellers were reminded about the importance of adhering to price list and meeting customer needs.

Ahmad Al Awadi, Director of Commercial Control in CCCP, said that the market visits are aimed to strengthen communication and partnership with the merchants in enhancing consumer confidence.

“During such visits we make sure that merchants comply with the requirements of Dubai Economy. Those who sell fish or frozen meant should display the item description and prices in Arabic, in addition to any foreign language. It will avoid price manipulation, particularly during Ramadan when such products are in high demand,” he added.

“We will continue to visit markets to encourage transparency and impartiality in merchant-consumer relations and eliminate any chance of unhealthy practices,” he went on to say.

Traders’ response to such campaigns have been largely positive and most meat merchants have confirmed they would ensure adequate supply during Ramadan while also informing consumers about the source of such products, said Al Awadi.

“Our focus is not on imposing restrictions on traders, but on discussing the different aspects of the trade and evolving solutions to problems,” he said, urging the public to report any price increase or malpractice.

Source: Emirates News Agency