Dubai Department of Finance reduces charges on charities using ePay gateway

DUBAI — In a move meant to disseminate awareness of the transformative impact of deploying digital technologies, the Department of Finance for the Government of Dubai has announced it will reduce charges levied on charities receiving donations across the emirate’s ePay gateway and smartphones.

Dubbed “Oun Ala Oun, Arabic for “Help for Help”, an initiative has been launched by the DoF to topple the charges currently imposed on charities working in the country, including associations and other fundraisers that receive donations from individuals and institutions across the ePay gateway run by Dubai Smart Government in a bid to encourage the adoption of smart payment systems which generate million of dirhams in savings.

Abdul Rahman, Saleh Al Saleh, Director General of the DoF, underscored the importance attached by the country’s wise leadership to the Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, concept, being one of the main pillars of the Year of Giving initiative, noting that charities are entrusted with a significant role to play as part of the scope of CSR in the country.

“Our initiatives are meant to enable charity organisations operating in the emirate and across the country to fulfill their responsibilities to those in need,” he said, adding that the recent initiative to reduce charges levied on such entities is part of the Year of Giving to woo the largest possible number of service providers to use the e-payment system which is considered a robust enabler for digital transformation in the Emirate of Dubai.

Source: Emirates News Agency