Dubai Ambulance, Abu Dhabi Police discuss preparations for Expo 2020

DUBAI — Officials from the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and a delegation from the Abu Dhabi Police Ambulance Department discussed ways of cooperation, especially through joint coordination, to prepare for the opening and plan the security of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The discussion took place during a meeting held by both sides at the headquarters of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, which was attended by Khalifa Aldrai, CEO of the Corporation, and several other officials from the corporation, as well as Lt. Omar Al Dhaheri, Director of the Ambulance Department at the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police, who was accompanied by Major Dr. Maitha Al Darai and Captain Mohammed Al Bahari.

Both parties reviewed their coordination plans in preporation for Expo 2020. They also planned joint training sessions, evacuation drills and virtual accidents, to raise the skills and capacities of their teams and exchange their experiences, procedures and smart ambulance initiatives, as well as their knowledge of emergency medical services, and improve their partnership.

The Abu Dhabi Police delegation viewed a documentary about the establishment of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, initially under the Dubai Police in the 1970s and as an independent institution in 2006. They were also briefed about its services to the community and the new vehicles and equipment used in its work.

The delegation toured the corporation’s headquarters, where they were briefed about its technical support vehicles, its motherhood and childhood units, the largest ambulance in the world, its rapid intervention vehicles and bikes, its women’s response unit, its motorcycles, and its specialised rapid ambulances and motorcycles that deal with patients in crowded areas, as well as its intensive care ambulance and heavyweight ambulance.

They also toured its crises and disasters and vehicles maintenance departments, where they were briefed about the corporation’s specialised procedures and leading capacities.

Source: Emirates News Agency