DLD announces inauguration of Dubai Property Festival

DUBAI, As part of its commitment to drive growth in the real estate sector, the Dubai Land Department, DLD, through its various sectors, announced the launch of the Dubai Property Festival, DPF 2019, at the Dubai World Trade Centre in partnership with the International Property Show, IPS.

The current edition which begins tomorrow is expected to record unprecedented success in light of the participation of 131 exhibitors and more than 20,000 participants representing 30 countries while also attracting a large audience of investors and buyers from 143 countries. Visitors can also review a series of other events, including promotional sales booths organised by participating developers.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, said, “The main objective of this year’s edition is to contribute to the growth of the local real estate sector in Dubai and the UAE. DPF 2019 will provide excellent opportunities for many developers who are looking to connect with the target, multi-national audiences and visitors.”

Bin Mejren added, “DPF 2019 will bring together a growing number of developers and learn of a variety of current and future real estate projects. Visitors will also identify investment opportunities offered by the local market in light of the new government legislation aimed at promoting Foreign Direct Investment, FDI. As a result, the DPF has become an international platform that brings together major global real estate investors and companies. In addition, the DPF is organising forums and panels with the participation of experts to share knowledge and experience as well as the possibility of reaching new strategic, corporate relationships.”

Majida Ali Rashid, CEO of the Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management sector at DLD, commented, “DPF 2019 will provide added value to the real estate sector by offering promotions on real estate projects that will be revealed by developers, with Investors enjoying the best opportunities in Dubai and the UAE. A detailed presentation on real estate transactions will also be made to investors, and promotional tours will be organised for them to help international investors explore opportunities for cooperation and strengthen the international strategic partnership. Interested parties may also join workshops and seminars to get introduced to market developments, and the latest legislation, technologies, and developments in the sector.”

The Dubai Real Estate Institute, DRE, will play a prominent role in the DPF by contributing to the dissemination of real estate knowledge and the consolidation of best practices between different parties. The DREI will provide free access for all those wishing to attend workshops and training opportunities organised within the area dedicated to the DPF.

The DREI is also organising a brokers’ village, which will be a unique opportunity to receive strategic information, build relationships, and review the prospects of investment and development. It will also be a powerful platform for meeting potential partners and entering into deals with major global real estate investors and professionals.

Source: Emirates News Agency