DHA’s primary health care centres launch services to better serve “people of determination”

DUBAI — The Dubai Healthy Authority’s, DHA, Primary Health Care Centres, PHC, has launched a number of packages that aim to better serve “people of determination”, especially children.

This is in line with the health and rehabilitation objectives of the Dubai Disability Strategy, DDS 2020, strategy, which aims to provide equal rights and services to these people in Dubai by the year 2020.

Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of PHC, the team leader of the health and rehabilitation task force in charge of implementing DDS’s health and rehabilitation path, said the authority’s primary health care centres are now conducting surveys to better learn about the children’s developmental growth, and “if they have achieved their age’s millstone to diagnose any developmental disability early in the child’s life.”

Dr. Taryam called on parents to take part in the survey during their visit to DHA centres to allow the authority to provide early intervention medical services.

The workflow of these initiatives are being overseen by five teams that the authority has formed to implement the strategy’s objectives, which include, early developmental screening, diagnosis and early interventions, health benefits and funding, inclusive health policy for determined ones and rehabilitation and mental health.

Source: Emirates News Agency