DGEP reveals details of programmes and initiatives of Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition /Final Add/

DUBAI, –xxxx. Work. Al Nuaimi added, “NMC participation at DIGAE promotes the council’s vision to work on the advancement of information in the state, and provides a sophisticated media environment and future trends in achieving sustainable development through the latest innovative solutions, within the framework of our relentless pursuit to provide an ideal media environment.”

Ahmed Mubarak Musabbeh, Director-General of Dubai Customs, said that the sponsorship of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation “is part of the implementation of the Government’s directives to encourage and support pioneering experiences in the areas of innovation and government excellence, to achieve the vision of the UAE and Dubai Strategic Plan 2021.”

“In our partnership with the Dubai Government Excellence Programme and the sponsors and participants in DIGAE, we enjoy constructive cooperation in order to achieve integration and real partnership between government agencies in supporting the process of excellence, leadership and achievements in government work,” he added.

He emphasised that the Dubai Government Excellence Programme has been playing a pivotal role in the development of government administration and the improvement of institutional performance and services provided by government agencies to achieve the objectives of Dubai 2021.

ESMA body demonstrates faith in the process of development and excellence pursued by our government, in which we focus on simplifying procedures and protecting society and consumers from products that do not meet the highest international standards, in a way that ensures high quality of life for citizens, residents and visitors.”

He added that ESMA, through this important international event, will review what has been achieved globally in the work of government through the experiences of international participants that reflect enhanced integration and communication between the federal and local government, exchange of experiences and knowledge, and access to the best global innovative practices.

Source: Emirates News Agency