DED “Business Map” records 1,185 new licences, 19,850 transactions

DUBAI, The Business Registration and Licencing, BRL, sector in the Department of Economic Development, DED, in Dubai issued 1,185 new licences and concluded more than 19,850 transactions in June 2018.

The latest data, recorded on the “Business Map” digital platform of the BRL, indicates that the emirate continues to attract businesses and investors as a competitive hub for sustainable business development.

The “Business Map” tracks business registration and licencing in the DED and seeks to reflect the economic realities in Dubai by providing vital data in each licence category, including their numbers and distribution, as well as investor trends, on a monthly basis. The overall BRL activity and its distribution across sectors and areas in the emirate reaffirms improved investor confidence in the expansionary spending policies and growth potential in Dubai.

Renewal transactions reached 11,043 during June 2018. Initial approvals amounted to 1,579 in June 2018, and 2,372 were related to Trade Name Reservation. Auto renewal of licences saw a steep increase, with 5,314 transactions, while 919 were related to commercial permits, 52 to instant licences and 74 to e-trader licences.

The outsourced service centres accounted for 12,568 transactions (48.2 percent of the total), reaffirming their popularity among customers, mainly because of the enhanced convenience and reduced transaction times they provide. The average transaction time at the outsourced centres was 10 minutes, as of June 2018, and overall the centres continue to prove that outsourcing offers improved efficiencies.

Among the new licences issued, 61.9 percent were commercial, 35.6 percent were professional, 1.4 percent were industrial and 1.1 percent were related to tourism. Among the main regions, Bur Dubai was on top with a share of 558 new licences, Deira had 538 licenses, New Dubai had 87 and Hatta had two.

The share of the top ten sub-regions that accounted for 51.8 percent of all regions in Dubai were as follows: Burj Khalifa (11.4 percent of the new licences), New Dubai (7.2 percent), Al Marar (5.6 percent), Port Saeed (4.7 percent), Naif (4.6 percent), Dubai World Trade Centre 1 (3.7 percent), Hor Al Anz (3.5 percent), Al Riqqa (3.2 percent), Al Garhoud (2.5 percent) and Al Muraqabat (2.4 percent).

The new licences also confirm continued investment in all vital economic sectors in Dubai. Trade and repair services (37.8 percent) was the most licenced activity in June 2018, followed by real estate, leasing and business services (25.1 percent), construction (14.6 percent), community and personal services (12.7 percent), hotels group (7.5 percent) and transport, storage and communications (3.7 percent), manufacturing (3.6 percent), financial brokerage (2.9 percent), education (0.9 percent), agriculture (0.5 percent), and mining (0.3 percent).

Source: Emirates News Agency