DCT Abu Dhabi signs MoU with Khalifa University to support student graduation projects

ABU DHABI, The Department of Culture and Tourism � Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with Khalifa University � Abu Dhabi to support student graduation projects across the fields of Information Technology and Smart Systems, and to exchange knowledge and expertise.

Nawal Rashid Al Hassani, Executive Director of DCT Abu Dhabi’s Strategy and Planning Sector, and Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University � Abu Dhabi, signed the MoU, which aims to develop joint training programmes to exchange expertise and offer academic and technical training towards driving the UAE’s Smart Government initiatives and digital transformation.

“This MoU consolidates our cooperation efforts through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, in line with our vision to promote Abu Dhabi through elevating the skills of new generations and providing the easiest means and ‘smart’ applications to meet today’s technological requirements, and enhance their prospects for professional development,” said Al Hassani.

“Also it is part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s belief in the importance of engaging the community to bolster efficiency in academic education, foster the innovative endeavours of nationals, and empower senior university students with practical skills to market requirements through hands-on training provided by experts in real settings.”

The agreement also seeks to provide cooperation opportunities and support graduation projects connected with DCT Abu Dhabi operations, particularly those that involve developing ‘smart’ applications. The parties agreed to cooperate to improve research, develop activities and share the university’s technology labs in accordance with its policies, as well as pursue any activities that contribute to realising the objectives of the MoU.

Under this agreement, the two sides will meet periodically to coordinate joint efforts to identify the best strategies for implementing the provisions of the MoU and ensuring maximum benefit for both parties.

DCT Abu Dhabi will be providing practical training opportunities and qualifying students across the sections and units of its Innovation and Smart Technologies Department. Additionally, DCT Abu Dhabi staff will supervise training to provide relevant knowledge and experience across different specialisations.

On the other hand, Khalifa University will provide training for DCT Abu Dhabi personnel in various fields such as digital transformation and cloud computing and all areas requested by latter in accordance with University policies, while also offering consultancy on certain projects.

Source: Emirates News Agency