DCT Abu Dhabi holds sustainable development workshop inspired by UN

ABU DHABI, The Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi, has hosted a three-day workshop at Khalifa Park Library dedicated to examining how knowledge is a key contributor to sustainable development.

Entitled ‘The Role of Knowledge in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals’, the workshop was inspired by the adoption by the United Nations in 2015 of Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, to allow global development to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations, said a press release issued by DCT Abu Dhabi on Monday.

Aimed at enhancing the skills and experience of library staff members, the workshop was facilitated by knowledge specialist Dr. Najeeb Al Shorbaji, and Dr. Riyadh Al Mousa, a leading expert in Sustainable Development.

Attended by staff and management from libraries across the emirate, the workshop discussed a number of issues and themes focusing on the history and evolution of SDGs as well as their connection to the transfer of knowledge.

Abdullah Majed Al Ali, Acting Executive Director of the National Library Sector at DCT Abu Dhabi, said, “DCT Abu Dhabi is heavily invested in the success of our libraries, and as such, we seek to continuously further the education and skillsets of our library professionals, according to international best practice standards. These topics covered in this workshop were especially relevant, as Abu Dhabi works towards a sustainable, knowledge-based economy. We are committed to the discussion about the role knowledge plays in achieving sustainable development goals and successfully facing the challenges of the future.”

The workshop covered four principle themes; education, health, environment and equality. Participants were introduced to the concept of sustainable development and its aims, and the goals announced by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

Attendees were educated on the importance of data-based knowledge in decision-making, planning, education, and sustainable management, and gained an understanding of the significance of IT and telecommunications in both social and economic development.

Source: Emirates News Agency