Dar Al Ber honours 74 Quran memorisers

DUBAI — Dar Al Ber Society, DABS, has honoured 74 of its registered Quran memorisers for excellent performance in the final tests of the ‘Ber Quran Memorisation Project’.

The memorisers were selected from 87 contestants after they scored 85 percent in the final evaluation, according to Khalid Alolama, project manager. “The honoured students were classified into six levels; 22 came under the 1st section specified for two Quran Juza or parts against 18 in the 2nd for six parts, nine in the 3rd for 12 parts, five in the 4th for 20 parts, six in the 5th for full Quran, and 14 in the 6th for advanced students,” he elaborated.

Alolama said the Al Ber Project was started with 150 students in 2010 and then grew up to 270 in 2017. “The project adopts daily study system whereby students sit for Quran memorisation in one of three sessions, which lasts for two hours each.”

Dar Al Ber provides competent teaching and administrative staff for the programme which is totally free, including transport fees, and admission is open for students from aged six.

Source: Emirates News Agency