Dam reservoirs register about 429,246 cubic metres of rainwater

DUBAI — The amount of rainwater collected in the dam reservoirs nationwide over the last three days reached 429,246 cubic metres.

The rains were reported from Thursday to Saturday in the eastern and central parts of the country, and led to an overflow of water in several valleys, and the gathering of water in some dams supervised by the Ministry of Energy.

According to the technical team of the Department of Dams at the Ministry of Energy, water accumulated and overflowed Mamdouh Dam, whose storage capacity is 210,000 cubic metre.

The water level in al-Jazair Dam, with a storage capacity of 120,800 cubic metres, also increased, while water also overflowed al-Kharos dam, which has a storage capacity of 23,300 cubic metres, the team said.

They added that the water level in al-Khaleban dam, with a storage capacity of 18.400 cubic metres increased, while the water level increased in al-Mastab dam, with a storage capacity of 17.500 cubic metres.

The water overflowed al-Seiji water embankment1, with a storage capacity of 100,000 cubic metres. The water also overflowed Dam Ham B, with a storage capacity of 42,000 cubic metres. Ham Dam C, with a storage capacity of 96,000 cubic metres, also overflowed due to the rainwater.

The Ministry of Energy called on those who frequent valleys and dam farers to exercise caution and adhere to the safety guidelines.

Source: Emirates News Agency