‘Creative Destruction’: What did the world gain?

New challenges caused by global changes create opportunities to develop a growth mindset based on coordination and innovation to better own the future. During economic turmoil, change occurs faster and more creatively, spurring innovations that become the core of the new economy.

At a time of increasing concern about the collapse of the global economy, the practices of digital transformation, renewable energy, electric mobility, smart city technology, artificial intelligence and others are accelerating.

With the changing circumstances, innovators in crises look to improve the lives of others, connect with them, and be part of the solution when things get tough.

Historically, innovation in global turmoil has been a critical tool for overcoming the crisis and emerging from it stronger.

Through “creative destruction”, it dismantles the old practices followed, and makes way for innovation as a driving force and a basic pillar of human communication to solve problems, and an effective means of gaining public support in a particular direction, as studies have shown that “creative destruction” provides an opportunity to improve the situation by solving crises.

A session, during the activities of the 11th edition of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF), discussed the best mechanisms that governments should use to understand market trends and social and cultural transformations in their countries, in order to monitor results and anticipate them with communication strategies aimed at raising awareness of change on the one hand, and motivating the renewal to be proactive by the leaders and pioneers of the different sectors.

Source: Sharjah24