Construction of cable car project at Al Maqtaa, Bahya Corniche still under study: ADM

ABU DHABI — The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has made it clear that construction of the cable car project at Al Maqtaa and Al Bahya Corniche is still under study and has not yet been officially released to contractors.

The Department indicated that the cable car (Teleferic) project at Al Maqtaa and Al Bahya had been revealed as part of a portfolio of proposed projects and future investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi. It forms part of the futuristic vision of the capital city and suburban areas comprising modern structures as well as multiple recreational, residential and service facilities. When the project enters the final approval stage, it will be announced officially in the media at a broad base.

The provisional concept of the project indicates that it will span an area of 160,000 square metres with a total floor area of about 74,000 square metres. The project, which will cost about AED650 million, aims to transform Al Bahya Corniche into a premier entertainment destination for residents of the mainland.

The estimated cost of the Al Maqtaa Cable Car Project is in the range of AED350 million. It is expected to include five stations starting from Al Maqtaa Creek parallel to Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road near the Al Maqtaa Bridge. The second station is Khalifa Park, followed by Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the fourth is near Ritz Carlton. The project then turns to the Arabian Gulf Street in a route parallel to Mussaffah Bridge to terminate at the fifth and final station at the Canal Project and Al Barri Souk.

Source: Emirates News Agency